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Welcome to the next edition of our "DFL Focus: Tomorrow" newsletter. Focusing on how we are integrating tomorrow's technologies into our daily work, we have compiled some exciting examples of how the DFL is driving innovation. In this edition we look at two academic studies on the consumption of the Bundesliga, a new way of evaluating goalscoring chances, different cameras in use at SportsInnovation and a very innovative club initiative.

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"Future Study Bundesliga Consumption"

A study by the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU) on behalf of the DFL comes to an exciting conclusion for the creators of premium content: Generation Z appreciates high-quality content and is more willing to pay for it than older generations are. More on the study.

SportsInnovation – special cameras in live use
It is never too late to look back! A large number of different cameras were in use at last years SportsInnovation – and more will follow at SportsInnovation 2020.
xGoals: Changing how we evaluate goalscoring chances
Assessing the difficulty of goalscoring opportunities in a match is becoming even more accurate – thanks to a brand new indicator.
More current innovation topics:
Americanising the Bundesliga experience

The DFL has created an experience that delivers what American sports fans are looking for – which has also been covered by Harvard Business School.

VfB Stuttgart's first sports hackathon

The Bundesliga club invited creative minds to develop proposals in the fields of mobility, technology and sustainability.

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